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lg supplier

LG Supplier 

LG requires its suppliers to adhere to specific sustainability and supply chain standards, and if a vendor does not meet these criteria, LG will no longer conduct business with them.

Change was difficult for some business units at first, but eventually they saw how switching to the general model could save money and were won over by showing how they could save more.


LG is committed to minimizing environmental impact throughout its product’s life cycle – from raw materials through end-of-life solutions. LG strives to eliminate toxic substances in its manufacturing processes, promote sustainable water and energy use and use alternative and renewable sources of power generation for power production. Furthermore, they aim to increase energy efficiency at their facilities as well as develop technologies to decrease waste production.

The company prioritizes improving its processes and systems to increase supply chain sustainability, such as working with suppliers to develop a code of conduct addressing human rights, labor ethics, social responsibility and CSR evaluations of its supplier base.

As part of its commitment to sustainable development, LG Chem strives for higher quality and reliability across its operations. To do this, it has implemented automated validation methods that streamline verification and approval procedures, eliminating manual inspections. Furthermore, R&D and production teams use machine learning technology to identify problems within production lines while constantly reviewing its processes to increase efficiencies and increase output.

LG was recognized with the SAIC-GM Supply Chain Guarantee Award despite the global semiconductor shortage, thanks to their timely deliveries of key components for General Motors vehicles. This award exemplifies their expertise in risk management that allowed them to meet commitments made to their customers and honor commitments made on time.

LG is working towards sustainability issues in their supply chains by partnering with recycling companies to recycle all televisions produced. This reduces waste production while helping maintain infrastructure required for recycling televisions and electronic devices.

Environmental testing standards and certification programs have also been an area of focus. DHL contracted it to help ensure televisions were safely delivered (Greenbiz Staff, 2017). Furthermore, this company led in developing advanced EV components, winning top awards from both the U.S. EPA and Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries for these efforts.


LG Innotek, an innovative materials and components supplier, has long been trusted by numerous companies as their supplier. Products include core components for mobile phones, automotive electronic parts, camera modules, wireless communication modules and substrate materials. Their business units specialize in electronics display semiconductors IoT manufacturing facilities in US China Japan Korea; LG has won multiple quality awards and is recognized as a global LCD panel producer.

LG Innotek has become widely respected for its excellence and reliability in automotive infotainment and telematics products, including P-OLED automotive displays that enhance human-machine interaction. LG Innotek has also won multiple General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Awards. LG Innotek now aims to maximize profits by speeding product and customer structure improvements while strengthening global SCM capabilities and creating platform models (versatile products that minimize customization).

LG Innotek Automotive components manufactured in Wroclaw, Poland include DC-DC converters and EVCCs for electric vehicle charging stations and safety and comfort features in vehicles. LG Innotek has been recognized by major global carmakers such as GM Continental Schaeffler as having globally competitive quality; specifically by having won their Supplier Quality Excellence Award five times since 2010.

Quality for this company lies in meeting the rigorous demands of its customers – this includes meeting GM’s stringent quality requirements as one of the world’s premier auto manufacturers. LG Innotek Automotive Components have received the Quality Excellence Award (SQEA) from General Motors (GM) for the EVCC and DC-DC converter it provided to their cars. This achievement stands as evidence of the company’s dedication to quality, which can be seen through their ongoing pursuit of various international certifications and participation in developing industry standards. Attained goals included earning CL3 Certification of Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination (ASPICE), creating cybersecurity management systems and participating in international standardization regarding autonomous driving standards.


LG stands committed to meeting the diverse needs of its customers with flexible solutions that meet them at every turn. Their wide variety of home appliances, mobile phones, TVs and mobility solutions such as their P-OLED automotive display has significantly advanced vehicle infotainment and human machine interface design for automakers alike.

LG Air Conditioning Technologies provides an impressive array of commercial HVAC systems. Their award-winning VRF Multi V(tm) series provides both ducted and ductless indoor units, Dedicated Outdoor Air System options, cutting edge controls to enable customization of solutions, as well as Wi-Fi enabled indoor units controlled via your customer’s smartphone using LG ThinQ(tm).

Samsung is ramping up OLED production capacity to remain competitive with rival LG in flexible display technology for smartphones. Their investment will enable larger OLED screens that can fold to fit onto phones or watches – possibly offering significant differentiation when designing future devices.

LG Chem is developing advanced materials to increase energy density and costs for lithium-ion batteries, such as OLED. Recently, they unveiled a prototype with 10 times higher cell density compared to current technology that could greatly reduce weight and size for future electric vehicles.

LG is an award-winning global auto supplier known for its flexible solutions and commitment to quality. LG’s strong brand recognition in the US can be seen through their unflappable supply of quality parts to General Motors during pandemic outbreak, without interruption from this challenging period – thus earning LG the Supply Chain Guarantee Award from SAIC-GM joint venture, comprised of General Motors and China’s SAIC Motor.

LG boasts a robust supply chain that enables it to meet customer needs efficiently, while constantly assessing and revising processes to increase efficiency and increase productivity. LG has adopted automation to enhance efficiency across every area from R&D, production, supply chain management and customer support.


LG appliances are among the most trusted in America. A recent evaluation conducted by Consumer Reports identified LG as leading in reliability across four product categories – over-the-range microwaves, ranges, cooktops and washing machines. LG refrigerators ranked within the top 10 nationwide for overall reliability as well. Alongside its comprehensive product lineup, LG prides itself on providing superior customer service while upholding its reputation of quality.

LG, as a global leader in electronics, offers an expansive line of televisions, computer monitors, solar modules, smart appliances and mobile devices. Recognized for their innovation and reliability, the company has earned numerous industry accolades including General Motors (GM)’s Supplier of the Year award. LG Display partnered with LG to develop mobility innovations that address customer needs such as creating the world’s first digital cockpit with P-OLED automotive displays for use on their 2021 Cadillac Escalade vehicle; this groundbreaking technology raises driver experience as well as human-machine interface design to new heights.

LG has prioritized protecting its employees, customers and the general public throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by taking steps such as social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing to address this threat. Furthermore, the company provided customers with refunds or replacements of certain products in order to help them cope during this crisis.

LG Innotek is a trusted partner for major global carmakers when it comes to electric vehicle (EV) components. Their ADAS front camera has earned ISO 26262 technical certification proving they deliver safe, high-quality products to clients.

LG Innotek excelled during JLR’s current semiconductor shortage by continuing to provide their mHEV DC-DC converters without interruption, earning the company’s prestigious supplier Excellence award based on JLR’s Creators’ Code values of Customer Love, Unity and Integrity. They will continue building upon this reputation to position themselves as leading players in the EV components market.

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