How to Get Your Products in Stores - 5 Reasons Buyers Buy at Chain Stores

How to Get Your Products in Stores

Are you looking to get your product into retail stores? Karen Waksman, Founder of Retail MBA, has some tips for you. In this training, she outlines the five reasons why buyers buy at chain stores!

How to Get Your Product in Stores – Reasons Buyers Buy

Reason 1

The first reason buyers don’t want your product is because of poor packaging. Waksman explains, “If you have a great product but you’re packaging just looks kind of lame a buyer’s not going to buy your product why because they’re not buying just your product or buying your packaging as well.”

Packaging is an important factor in getting your product into retail stores. Waksman suggests, “It’s all about like the design elements and certain things we have other videos on packaging please be on the lookout for that but in general one reason a buyer’s not buying from you is they look at your pack and you and they know it’s not going to convert maybe it’s too big too small too off something’s off these are very easy fixes.”

Reason 2

The second reason buyers don’t want your product is because of pricing. Waksman explains, “Sometimes there’s certain retailers that just meet a certain price and if you can’t hit that price you cannot work with them.”

However, Waksman suggests there are workarounds to pricing issues. She says, “There are so many workarounds to it told them all the workarounds he didn’t do the work didn’t get into Home Depot nothing I can do about it it doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank or all sorts of things there are strategies here how bad do you want it there’s always a solution with the pricing I assure you I’ve seen it time and time again there are a lot of people making products in the world there’s a lot of Manufacturers out there there’s someone who can who can attest to doing this for you at the price that you need it um how bad do you want it that’s that’s a real question and also there’s obviously strategies and things that you have to work through Beyond just to manufacturer and we can support you with that if you are interested or getting stuck on pricing and retailers.”

Reason 3

The third reason buyers don’t want your product is because they don’t see any value add to what they’re currently doing. Waksman explains, “Buyers are day jobs they work during the day they go home it’s a little different than an entrepreneur not putting anyone down a lot of you guys are day jobbers and also uh our entrepreneurs on the side the reason I say this is because there’s a lot of paperwork involved in submitting a vendor into their business and sometimes they don’t want to fill out the paperwork just because what you’re showing them is not that cool compared to what they’re seeing in their stores.”

Reason 4

The fourth reason buyers don’t want your product is because of poor follow up. Waksman explains, “If a buyer says I’m interested in your product send me a sample you cannot delay a week or two or five,  overnight your product to that buyer right away. Why? Because buyers change jobs all the time! In two weeks that buyer could be out of that position it is very common for a chain store buyer to be switched out of their buying position to a different buying position.”

Reason 5

The fifth reason buyers don’t want your product is because of unacceptable terms. Waksman explains, “If a buyer is interested in your product but she starts going through all of the fees and all of the things and you are kind of not interested in some of her terms she will not work with you why because a buyer is usually the one in charge at that point you will be told any fees or any issues in advance before she works with you these are Big established Brands they need to have their products store shelves filled they do not have time to play games all of it is told to you in advance do not delay and if you look at all of the stuff that she gives you and it’s not working for you because you’re not going to make a dime and you cannot find a solution then she will not continue to work with you.”

Getting Starting Today!

Getting your product into retail stores can be a difficult process. However, understanding the five reasons why buyers don’t want your product can help you better prepare for the process.  Watch the Video Above to Learn M

Outline of the Transcript for this Video on How to Get Your Product in Stores - 5 Reasons Buyers Buy

In today’s highly competitive retail industry, getting your product into chain stores can mean a world of difference for your business. However, there are many reasons why chain stores may not be interested in your product. In this article, we will discuss the five main reasons why chain stores may reject your product and how you can overcome them.

  1. Poor Packaging Packaging plays a critical role in selling your product. If your product’s packaging looks unappealing or unprofessional, it will be challenging to sell to chain stores. This is because chain stores are looking for products that not only have great functionality but also visually appealing packaging that will attract customers. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your packaging is of high quality and well-designed. You do not have to spend a fortune on packaging, but it is important to invest in it as it can make all the difference in securing a deal with a chain store.

  2. Pricing Another reason why chain stores may not be interested in your product is pricing. Pricing is a significant factor in the retail industry, and if your product’s price is too high, it may be challenging to sell to chain stores. This is because chain stores are always looking for products that can offer great value to their customers while still providing them with a reasonable profit margin. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your product’s pricing is competitive and can offer value to both you and the chain store.

  3. Lack of Value-Add Chain stores are always on the lookout for products that can offer something unique and valuable to their customers. If your product does not offer anything unique or different from what they are already selling, it may be difficult to sell to them. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your product has a unique selling proposition that sets it apart from your competitors. This can be achieved by providing additional features or benefits that your competitors do not offer, such as eco-friendliness, durability, or ease of use.

  4. Slow Response Time When a chain store expresses interest in your product, it is crucial to respond quickly and efficiently. Slow response times can signal to chain stores that you are not serious about doing business with them. Additionally, chain stores have a high turnover rate, which means that the buyer who expressed interest in your product may no longer be in that position. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you respond to any inquiries or requests promptly and efficiently.

  5. Unwillingness to Negotiate Chain stores have strict policies and procedures, and they are usually not open to negotiating terms. If you are not willing to work within their guidelines or compromise on terms, they may reject your product. Therefore, it is crucial to be open to negotiating terms and working within their guidelines. This can help build a long-lasting relationship with the chain store and increase your chances of success.

In conclusion, getting your product into chain stores can be challenging, but it is not impossible. By understanding the five main reasons why chain stores may reject your product and how to overcome them, you can increase your chances of success. Remember to invest in high-quality packaging, price your product competitively, offer unique value-adds, respond quickly, and be open to negotiating terms. By doing so, you can increase your chances of securing a deal with a chain store and take your business to the next level.

How to Get Your Product in Stores
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