Convenience Store Suppliers

convenience store suppliers

Wholesale Convenience Store Suppliers

Convenient stores those shops where you can find all your everyday essentials like coffee, snacks, toiletries and more rely on the help of wholesale distributors to get their products. These distributors make the process easier and more cost effective for manufacturers by offering rates and handling the distribution on their behalf. Convenience Store Suppliers matter!

One known distributor in this field is McLane Company Incorporated. They specialize in providing food products and supplies to convenience stores, supermarkets, mass merchants as offering supply chain solutions for fast food franchises and chain restaurants. Their nationwide distribution network includes trucking services, distribution centers, data processing facilities and more. The company is headquartered in Temple Texas. Has divisions dedicated to foodservice delivery trucks and data processing operations.

McLane has a history in the business. It all started back in 1894 when they began as a grocery store in Cameron, Texas. Over time they. Shifted their focus to operations. They used to distribute their products using railroad cars and horse drawn wagons to stores and restaurants in their service areas. Eventually they even established a subsidiary called Wholesale Food Supply Company solely dedicated to serving the food service industry.

In 1967 McLane took a step into convenience store distribution by securing a contract with Southland Corporation for their 7 Eleven stores, in Texas.

The arrangement turned out to be successful and quickly expanded across Texas.

During the 1980s McLane established distribution centers. To meet their data processing needs McLane created two divisions; McLane Information Systems, in 1983 in Abilene and McLane/Pacific in Northern California.

As the 1990s progressed McLane continued its growth. In 1992 Drayton McLane purchased the Houston Astros baseball team. Stepped down as president of McLane to focus on that venture. Joe Hardin took over his responsibilities. The company continued its expansion.

McLane now operates in all 50 states of the United States. Has a presence in Brazil. They have over 80 distribution centers that serve customers, including convenience stores, supermarkets, mass merchants, fast food restaurants and chain hotels. Additionally they acquired Empire Distributors, Horizon Wine & Spirits and Delta Wine & Spirits as suppliers to expand their alcoholic beverage distribution services.

Salado Sales provides label items for convenience stores while Merit Distribution Services handles trucking, for all divisions. Furthermore there are subsidiary companies that specialize in areas.
In general Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Is the owner of the company, which’s also the parent company of Wal-Mart. The company has assets $46 billion as of 2010 and employs around 20,000 workers. It has shown growth for four years, on the Russell 2000 Index although there has been some recent weakness in its stock. Despite that it is still considered an investment at its levels.

Another noteworthy company is Core Mark Incorporated, which operates in the United States and distributes packaged goods to locations. They offer a range of products including chilled and frozen items, along with additional services like category management and promotions. They cater to types of stores such as convenience stores, grocery stores, big box retailers, drug and liquor stores and specialty food stores. In fact they serve over a hundred stores from each category! Core Marks headquarters are located in South San Francisco, California.

PFGs acquisition of Core Mark Holding Co Inc expands its reach into the convenience store channel. Solidifies its position as a leading distributor for this customer segment. This strategic move not diversifies PFG into this emerging market. Also adds to their successful customer oriented approach by incorporating well established selling cultures focused on client satisfaction.

It is interesting to note that Core Mark originated back, in 1888 as a tobacco storefront.Since then they have evolved to become a leading provider of food and comprehensive supply solutions, for convenience stores in North America. They serve their customers through a wide range of marketing programs, technology solutions that boost consumer sales as well as personalized supply chain and business solutions for each of their customer accounts.

PFG intends to acquire Core Mark with the goal of expanding its presence among convenience store retailers. Once the acquisition is complete PFG will operate a total of 31 distribution centers with 8 located in the US and 15 in Canada employing a workforce of 8,100 individuals. This transaction is expected to enhance earnings per share in 2022 excluding any one time expenses or exceptional items.

PFG anticipates finalizing the acquisition by June 2018 pending completion of closing conditions. The funding for this transaction will be sourced from both cash reserves and debt. This aligns with PFGs objective to expand through growth and targeted acquisitions that deliver long term value.

3. Eby Brown Company
The Eby Brown Company wholesales a variety of products, including food to convenience stores across the United States. With eight distribution centers, in operation they cater to convenience stores, gas stations, drug stores, grocery stores, liquor stores, newspaper stands, schools and more.Eby Brown is headquartered in Naperville, Illinois and you can reach them at (630) 265 8787 for any inquiries.

Recently Eby Brown joined Performance Food Group (PFG) expanding PFGs offerings to convenience store retailers. With this acquisition PFG now provides three foodservice programs; Southern Fresh Fried Chicken, Heritage Ovens West Creek BBQ and Deli On the Go.

Curt O’Rourke, the Vice President of Merchandising, at Core Mark division explains that PFG is committed to meeting the needs of convenience store customers by offering not basic commodity products but better pricing, service and quality. Their aim is to help retailers increase sales and grow margins and sales by going beyond the ordinary in foodservice.

The company has plans to expand its presence by acquiring distribution centers. This strategic move will allow them to strengthen their position in markets and serve convenience stores efficiently as mentioned on their website.

Since 1895 Eby Brown has been a trusted supplier to shops across America stocking a range of products such as tobacco, candy and snacks. They cater to over 75,000 locations nationwide serving both chains like Circle K and 7 Eleven well as independent stores, with single locations.

The Company is a player, in the industry providing its customers with comprehensive solutions through a wide range of products. They have a team of account managers who ensure delivery and logistics. Moreover they offer support for marketing programs. Their membership, in both the National Association of Convenience Stores and the American Society of C Store Manufacturers helps them thrive in their business endeavors.

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