Zulily Vendor – How to Sell to Zulily.com and Become a Zulily Vendor

New training on How to Sell to Zulily and Become a Zulily Vendor. A Few Tips to Help You Get Started Today!

Zulily Vendor – How to Sell to Zulily and Become a Zulily.com Vendor!

Do you have a product perfect for Zulily.com? 

If your product is ideally suited for this website, check out our new training video on some quick tips and strategies on ‘Zulily Vendor – How to Sell to Zulily and Become a Zulily.com Vendor.’

We have clients who sell tremendously well on this one website. 

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Karen Waksman, Retail MBA

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Transcript for “Zulily Vendor – How to Sell to Zulily and Become a Zulily Vendor.”

Hey everyone. This is Karen Waksman, founder of Retail MBA, and today I want to talk about selling your product on Zulily and become a Zulily Vendor. So if you have a great physical product that you think would be perfect for zulily.com, this little training segment will give you some quick tips and strategies on how to do that and how to get started today. Just a little background about me, again, I’m Karen Waksman, founder of Retail MBA. We’ve taught tens of thousands of business owners across the globe on how to sell to major chain store retailers and online retailers. And so this information comes from our years of supporting people and actualizing their dreams of generating additional revenue with their consumer product.

So let’s talk about Zulily. So the first thing I want to say about them is they are a website that a lot of people don’t even think about selling on and so I wanted to create this training because I have some clients who are doing phenomenal on their site. So they sell footwear, they sell toys, they sell all sorts of different products. Apparel, shoes, accessories, you name it, so all sorts of different products. Really, if they would describe themselves, they would say they are a website that works with mothers who are young and tech savvy, and are looking to purchase things for their kids. So that’s what the website’s all about and if you go to their site and you sign up, they’re essentially another deal site where people can buy products and so forth.

So I have many customers who’ve gotten on Zulily. The thing about them is that, first of all, I just want to share this so if you guys are not considering this website, you should consider selling your product on there if it makes sense for your product type. But also that a lot of people don’t realize that you can submit your product into the cloud on their website and become a vendor hopefully if they’re interested in your product. But what actually works for a lot of people is to realize that Zulily has buyers as well, like chain stores. They have actual buyers who are looking for new products all day long, consistently, their job is to purchase things and to pick things and so forth for the website. And so if you can figure out who the appropriate buyer is for your particular product category and reach out to them directly, which is what the sales professionals do if they try to sell to a website such as Zulily, then you have a better chance of getting your products in stores.

Now I’m not saying to go on LinkedIn and send them a message or anything like that, it’s a terrible idea. Actually, buyers can not stand it when you send them a message via LinkedIn because it’s their way to submit their products out into the world as a resume. It’s kind of like a job board site for a lot of these buyers and so forth. It’s really not a place to try and hustle and do deals, it’s not. So there are additional strategies that I’d have to kind of walk you through, but the essence is, if you can get some support on the actual pitch, the words you use to reach out to them virtually, you could do tremendously well with a retailer like Zulily.

So the bottom line is the sales professionals know that Zulily actually has buyers, so your job is to find them, work with somebody, make sure your pitch is appropriate. Reach out to them, that individual buyer, because you’ll make so much more money and opportunity by contacting them directly versus submitting your products onto their vendor portal and hoping that somebody responds to you. It generally doesn’t work out very well that way. Yes, they have websites, and yes, they are telling you to submit their products to their site. But again, most of the professionals go direct and support you accordingly.

Now I would love to give you additional information on exact words to use and how to actually project the epicness of your product, but we do work with people on an individual coaching level, in a small group setting, and support people along the way.

Author: Karen Waksman

Karen Waksman, Founder of Retail MBA, is a Manufacturer’s Rep turned Author, Speaker and Consultant. She has sold millions of consumer products to the world’s largest retailers and now dedicates her time to teaching Entrepreneurs how to market and sell their products to Major Retailers, Online Retailers, Catalogs and Small Retailers, too! Karen Waksman has taught over 10,000+ product entrepreneurs and companies across the globe on the subject of selling to retailers. Her goal is to empower and inspire companies to transform their businesses by providing them all of the necessary information they need in order to become chain store vendors. Most importantly, Karen’s clients have utilized the Retail MBA time-tested sales formula to get their products into retailers such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, Kroger Grocery Stores, Bed Bath and Beyond, BuyBuyBaby, Groupon and much, much more!