How to be a Supplier For Walmart (A Quick Tip!)

If you are interested in how to be a supplier for Wal-Mart, then this short video will give you a simple strategy that you can use to get started today.

In this training video, we give you some quick tips and strategies on how to get started today!

Transcript for this Video Here:

How to Be a Supplier for Walmart –  Hey everyone. This is Karen Waksman, founder of Retail MBA. And today’s segment we’re going to be covering a question that comes up all the time in my workshops and classes. People always ask me, Karen, how to be a supplier for Walmart? If I have kind of a new product, can I even do that? Is that even possible? Well, here’s the deal about Walmart? Walmart is a big company and obviously one chain store order from them, one order from them can change your life significantly. It’s millions of dollars. It’s a very, very big deal. So it’s kind of hard for a startup to get a product into a Walmart initially. You have to do a lot of work to show them that you have proven sales in other places before they usually take you on, unless your product is so phenomenal that they just have to have you.

But most of the time you got to do a little work in order to get to Walmart, but here’s the deal. One idea that most people don’t even realize is that Walmart has a local buying program. And so for those of you who don’t know what that is, basically a local buying program means that they allow some of their store managers at their most popular stores to be able to pry products on a local level. So, if there’s a Walmart in your area and it’s really popular, it’s a very popular store. All you have to do is call the store manager or show up there and say, “Hey, do you have a local buying program?” And guess what? There’s a good chance that they have the ability, that store manager has the ability to buy products from you.

And they can put that product into that particular store. So it might not be all Walmart, right? But it’s a really great start because what you can do is actually get part of their local buying program. If the manager decides that they want to put it in their store, then you can actually start going from there and start putting in a different Walmart and or maybe help you funnel up to the corporate Walmarts as you’re building your business. So it just something to think about. So really the bottom line is that the reason Walmart does this and not a lot of chain stores do, but some do, but Walmart definitely does. And the reason they do it is because if you think about it from a local’s perspective, certain areas have certain things that are mattered to the local people in that area. So if it’s a beach town, maybe they want more beach gear or something like that.

So, the store managers allowed to buy certain products that are really related to that region and stuff like that. So that’s why they offer the local buying program. It’s actually pretty smart. So anyways, bottom line is if you want to get your products into Walmart, a really good way to start is to get part of the local buying program at Walmart. Again, all you got to do is contact the store manager, ask them about whether or not they have this local buying program, and then you can possibly get your products into Walmart and you can get started. And it’s a really great first step of getting your products into chain stores. So anyways, food for thought.

This is Karen Waksman, founder of Retail MBA Retail MBA, and please be on the lookout for the additional videos that I create. Thanks.