SEO for eCommerce – Advanced Yet SIMPLE SEO Strategies Training to Get Your E-Commerce Website Ranked at the Top of Google and Other Search Engines

Announcing A Breakthrough Training Program For Companies Interested in Getting Their E-Commerce Site Ranked at the Top of Google and Other Search Engines!

***Absolutely No Experience Required!

Now You Can Learned Advanced Yet Simple Strategies from an SEO Expert with Over a Decade of Experience Who Ranks All 70 of His Amazon Products on the Top of Google and Other Search Engines!


SEO for E-Commerce MBA is an Advanced, Multi-Media Training Program on how to get your products ranked at the top of Google and Other Search Engines!

SEO for E-commerce was developed by Retail Sales Expert Karen Waksman. Karen has sold millions of consumer products to the world’s largest retailers and now teaches her proven time-tested sales formula on how to approach, pitch and sell to retail buyers to 1000’s of consumer products companies across the globe!

And Michael Weir, an SEO Expert who has a time-tested SEO methodology that consistently gets over 70 of his e-commerce sites ranked at the top of Google and other search engines.

And more importantly, his clients have utilized these exact strategies on how to rank on Google and got their products at the top of search engines faster than they ever thought possible!

The Story Behind The Story

Watch this Video to Understand Why We Decided to Create an Advanced Training Program on SEO for E-Commerce with SEO Expert (and Retail MBA Client) Michael Weir!

His SEO Strategies are SIMPLE and They Work!

How to Get Started Now!

This is a powerful online video training program that explains EXACTLY how to rank your e-commerce site on the top of Google and Other Search Engines!

Includes the Full Video from our Retail MBA LIVE Event as well!

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What People Say About Karen’s Trainings:

“You are an honest breath of fresh air in this industry – so difficult to find a human that loves to help others, truly! I hear it in your voice and the excitement when you share some nugget that can help us all on our path – thank you, Karen. Looking forward working with you!”

Annie, Entrepreneur

“…Everything You Say Is GOLD! Love your work!”  -Jorge, Entrepreneur

“Your Presentation is Packed With Powerful, Pertinent Information presented in a professional easy to follow manner, You will help many “little guys” to success that they would never have without your material.”

-Jack, Entrepreneur

“The information you provide is second to none. Very powerful content! I love being your student!!!” -Drew, Entrepreneur