Sears Vendor

Sears Vendor

Sears Vendor – How to Become a Sears Vendor!

Would you like to become a Sears Vendor?

How would you like to get your product into their stores? Watch the video above for some quick tips and strategies on how to make this happen!

Please note, EVERY retail chain store has little quirks like this…and from experience I know what most of those quirks are!

On top of that, if you want to maximize your chances of becoming a vendor for retailers such as Sears, you really need to know…

  • How to find the buyers contact information
  • How to get a meeting with that buyer
  • And then how to pitch them

I’ve covered all of this in a training series that I’m offering for FREE right now…so sign up in the box to the left and I’ll start walking you step by step through the rest of the process!

To Your Success,

Karen Waksman
Retail MBA

About the Author: Karen Waksman, Founder and CEO of Retail MBA, is an Entrepreneur Magazine, MSNBC and New York Times Company go to retail expert on the subject of selling to retailers! Karen has sold millions of units of products to the world’s largest retailers and has taught 1000’s of product companies across the country on the subject of selling to retailers at places such as CES (Consumer Electronics Show), US Patent Office, Stanford University, International Home and Housewares Show and so many other places. Her goal is to empower and inspire companies to transform their businesses by providing them all of the necessary information they need to become chain store vendors.

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Transcript of This Video

Sears Vendor – Hey everyone, my name is Karen Waksman and I’m the founder of a company called Retail MBA and today I want to talk about becoming a Sears Vendor. Now, the reason I decided to create this particular segment is because I teach thousands of product companies across the country on the subject of selling to retailers and people always ask me about Sears. They want to get their products into Sears and so I thought I’d take a minute to give you some things to think about and some quick tips and strategies on how to get going and working with the retailers such as Sears. So I hope it helps.

So, let’s talk about Sears. Sears has tremendous buying power, they are responsible for thousands of stores. It’s amazing, they own K-Mart, it’s a big big opportunity for you to work with Sears. And so because of that everybody wants to sell with them because again, it’s a major volume that they buy; they buy massive volumes. Some retailers are smaller, Sears is kind of like one of the bigger ones, right and especially if you have auto products or it’s a department store, it has so many different kind of departments in that. So, everybody under the sun who has a good product could probably consider reaching out to Sears.

So, how do you differentiate yourself? When everybody wants to sell to that retailer and they have thousands of stores… responsible for- Well, I won’t lie to you, it’s a very competitive space so you got to come up with a really really good story and.. I can go on and on about how to come up with a good story but one thing that people always miss when they’re approaching these buyers is that they always forget to talk about why or how they will absolutely support that buyer if they’re willing to sell that product in the stores. So let me explain.

If you reach out to Sears and you’re talking to the buyer about your product, one thing I suggest that you do is to say, “Hey buyer, guess what? I’m going to help you sell more products if you put my product into this store and this is how I’m going to help you.” Basically, you’re going to tell the buyer that you’re going to support them and help them drive more business, drive more traffic to their stores. That is music to a buyer’s ears and nobody ever says that to a buyer.

The key here is that the buyer is looking for, not only a product that’s going to sell but they’re also looking for partnerships with these… companies like yours. And so, if most people reach out to a buyer and all they’re talking about is the features and benefits of their product but they’re not talking about the money side and specifically how they’re going to help sell more products of that product in their store.

And so in advance, before you reach out to Sears, my suggestion is to think about all the ways you could help Sears sell more of your product or any other retailer, for that matter. Can you do some social media campaigns to drive more people to the store to buy your product? Can you do some marketing things? Can you do advertising? Can you go on TV? Can you do anything to support that retailer in growing their business with you?

They want to sell products and they want to sell a lot of it. So why not talk to them about what matters to them and talk to them about how you’re going to help them grow and drive business to their stores? And that is interesting to a buyer and that is the differentiator between somebody potentially getting an order from a  retailer and somebody who’s not because, again, you’re a partnership and you’re talking their language. That’s very interesting to a buyer.

Now, there are so many other ways that you can talk to retailer and if you want to learn the exact steps from start to finish on how to sell a product to a retailer such as Sears, I highly recommend my Retail MBA program. The link for that is listed below. It is the most comprehensive course available today on the subject of selling to retailers. So, I hope you check it out. Otherwise, I hope this provided value for you and please be on the look-out for additional videos I create on the subject of selling to stores.

Thanks so much.

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Author: Karen Waksman

Karen Waksman, Founder of Retail MBA, is a Manufacturer’s Rep turned Author, Speaker and Consultant. She has sold millions of consumer products to the world’s largest retailers and now dedicates her time to teaching Entrepreneurs how to market and sell their products to Major Retailers, Online Retailers, Catalogs and Small Retailers, too! Karen Waksman has taught over 10,000+ product entrepreneurs and companies across the globe on the subject of selling to retailers. Her goal is to empower and inspire companies to transform their businesses by providing them all of the necessary information they need in order to become chain store vendors. Most importantly, Karen’s clients have utilized the Retail MBA time-tested sales formula to get their products into retailers such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, Kroger Grocery Stores, Bed Bath and Beyond, BuyBuyBaby, Groupon and much, much more!