“How to Sell Your Products to Big Box Retail Chains”


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How to Sell Your Amazon Products to Big Box Retail Chains!

Do you have a product that you believe would be perfect for major chain store retailers ? If so, you will absolutely love our upcoming FREE webinar on the subject!

During this POWERFUL training we will cover specific tips and strategies on how to approach, pitch and sell to major chain store retailer. Absolutely no sales experience, existing buyer relationships or patents required!

Selling to Big Retail


  • 1

    Understanding the Chain Store Market

    You may have the perfect product for retail buyers. But if you don’t know what they specifically want – you will not get your products into stores! And you will waste everyone’s time. In this webinar we will be discussing how to get a purchase order from a chain store.
  • 2

    Preparing Your Case For Chain Store

    Just because you identify exactly what retailers to go after, if you don’t present the right way, nothing else matters! These buyers are busy! Learn what to say to chain store buyers to get them to buy!
  • 3

    Preparing Your Pitch

    Who is scared to pitch? Most of my clients are! That’s why we take the person out of the equation and make it a PROCESS. I am going to give you that process!
  • 4

    Multiplying Your Efforts with Chain Stores

    We don’t want to win the lottery one time. We want to replicate over and over again. We want to leverage our results and get even bigger and better retail opportunities like my clients.
  • 5

    Tips and Strategies on How to Get Started Selling to Chain Stores Today

    We will also be covering how the buying process works at chain stores, what makes a chain store buyer say YES to your product, what NOT to do when pitching chain stores and tips and strategies on exactly how to get started today!


Karen Waksman
Karen Waksman
About Karen Waksman: Karen Waksman, Founder and CEO of International Retail MBA (Retail MBA), is a former Manufacturer’s Rep who has sold millions of units of products to the world’s largest retailers.  Now turned author and consultant, Karen teaches her proven sales formula on how to approach, pitch and sell to retail buyers, catalogs and small retailers to thousands of consumer products companies across the globe.

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Annie, Entrepreneur

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