How to sell a product to nordstrom

How to Sell a Product to Nordstrom

How to sell a product to nordstromHow to Sell a Product to Nordstrom – A Little Inspiration!

I love inspiring stories. So when I read an article about a girl who got her product into Nordstrom at the age of 15, I had to share!

Click on this link to review the article: FishFlops

The article is about a 15 year old girl  named Madison who created a product called FishFlops. They are flip flops with fish designs on them…very cute. Either way, she has sold more than 60,000 units of her FishFlops product and is now a $1 Million+ business! Wow!

At first I thought she had her parents handle all of the business aspects of  FishFlops, but then I read the following:

“I create the designs, approve the samples and attend tradeshows where I interact with the store buyers. I get ideas from the ocean, beaches, books and magazines. I like changing up the colors based on what I like.”

So cool! She learned how to sell a product to Nordstrom and she made it happen!

Bottom line – If a 15 year old can do get her products into chain stores, why can’t you?! 🙂Click Here to read the article.

To Your Success,

Karen Waksman

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FishFlop - A Journey to Success with Nordstrom

FishFlop, an forward thinking footwear brand has established a distinctive position in the fashion industry through its innovative designs and unwavering commitment to quality. This article delves into the captivating story of how FishFlop secured a partnership with the retailer Nordstrom highlighting the strategic steps that paved the way for their fruitful collaboration.

The Birth of FishFlop

Jane Long an entrepreneur driven by her passion for creating fashionable footwear for children founded FishFlop. The inspiration struck Jane when she witnessed the joy children experienced while playing with fish shaped sandals at the beach. This moment ignited her vision of blending comfort, playfulness and practicality to create a line of children’s footwear that would truly stand out in the market.

FishFlops Unique Appeal

What distinguishes FishFlop from children’s footwear brands is its focus, on imagination and functionality. Each pair of FishFlop sandals showcases fish designs that captivate childrens minds, turning shoe wearing into an adventure.
Furthermore the brand prioritizes the use of premium materials to ensure comfort and durability. This reassures parents that they are making an investment, in their children’s footwear needs.

Gaining Momentum and Establishing a Brand

FishFlops innovative concept swiftly gained popularity in the market captivating both parents and children. The brands active presence on social media platforms, imaginative marketing campaigns and positive customer feedback all played a role in its increasing appeal. As FishFlop started making an impact in the children’s footwear industry they recognized an opportunity to broaden their horizons and collaborate with established retailers.

Targeting Nordstrom – The Perfect Match

During their exploration for partnerships FishFlop identified Nordstrom as an ideal match for their brand. Renowned for curating a range of top notch products Nordstrom provided a platform to introduce FishFlop to a larger audience. The retailers commitment to offering meticulously crafted items perfectly aligned with FishFlops brand philosophy.

Preparing for the Presentation

Securing a partnership with retailers, like Nordstrom necessitates preparation and delivering a compelling pitch. FishFlops team dedicated time to thoroughly research Nordstroms customer base analyze collaborations and comprehend the retailers principles.Equipped with this knowledge FishFlop refined their presentation to highlight how their product offerings aligned perfectly with Nordstroms commitment, to quality, creativity and customer satisfaction.

The Meeting with Nordstrom
FishFlops pitch to Nordstrom was a testament to their passion. Unwavering dedication to their brand. They showcased their range of products emphasized the feedback received from customers and emphasized their unwavering commitment to creating an exceptional customer experience. The meeting with Nordstroms buying team was a success as the retailer recognized the potential of FishFlops innovative approach towards children’s footwear.

Onboarding and Collaboration

Once Nordstrom expressed interest in partnering with FishFlop, the process of onboarding commenced. The two teams collaborated closely to iron out all the details of this partnership including inventory planning, pricing strategies and promotional campaigns. FishFlops steadfast commitment towards fulfilling all of Nordstroms requirements in an professional manner further solidified this beneficial partnership.

Success at Nordstrom

FishFlop stepping into the realm of Nordstrom proved to be a pivotal moment for the brand. The exposure gained through Nordstroms customer base significantly amplified their brand visibility. Leveraging both stores and online platforms provided by this retailer offered FishFlop an unparalleled opportunity to connect with customers, across the United States propelling their brand towards unprecedented heights.

The Journey Continues

The success of FishFlop, at Nordstrom has opened up opportunities, including partnerships with well known retailers. Collaborating with Nordstrom has not allowed them to expand their product line but also introduced designs and styles. FishFlop keeps pushing boundaries and inspiring others becoming a choice for parents who want fun and comfortable footwear for their kids.

FishFlops experience in selling at Nordstrom showcases the power of innovation, dedication and finding the partner. By focusing on creating a one of a kind and enjoyable product FishFlop caught the attention of Nordstrom, a fashion retailer. The fruitful collaboration between FishFlop and Nordstrom not increased the brands reach. Also emphasized the importance of strategic partnerships in entrepreneurial success. As FishFlop continues to grow and innovate their journey serves as an inspiration, to aspiring entrepreneurs by highlighting how creativity and perseverance can help achieve business goals.

how to sell to nordstrom