How to Sell a Food Product to Virgin America Airlines…A Quick Tip!

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I teach people about how to get products into stores, but on occasion I run across new opportunities for product entrepreneur that I think are incredibly important to mention. So if you want to know how to sell a food product to Virgin America Airlines, listen up! I have a great suggestion for you :-).

A ran into a neighbor of mine the other day and we were chatting about how business was going for his new food product. And during this conversation, he mentioned that Virgin America picked up his product and will be selling it on all of their flights in their Inflight Menu! How exciting! I was so happy for him…

I then started inquiring about how he got this opportunity. In actuality, what I really wanted to know was who the decision maker was for food products at Virgin airlines. Was it their purchasing department? Was it marketing? After all, this is not necessarily common knowledge for most people! And I really wanted to support my customer base with this information. Here’s what he explained…

Virgin America is looking for new interesting food products to add to their Inflight Menu. 0ver 500,000 people fly on Virgin America every month and they want to provide an amazing user experience for their customers. And the way Virgin is doing this is by providing exciting new goodies to purchase while flying! Leave it to Richard Branson to support innovation. Woohoo! So if you have a new interesting food product, this might me the perfect opportunity for you!

My neighbor connected with a person at Virgin America with a title that included ‘Inflight Guest Experience.’ I won’t mention the person’s name and complete details because I don’t want to bombard this person, but this should be good enough to get you started :-).

When I heard about Virgin’s interest in finding new interesting food products to add to their menu, I immediately thought about chain stores. Why you ask? Well, chain stores are also on the hunt for new innovative products to put on their store shelves. Retailers want to expand their customer experience in their stores, and it’s been proven that customers want new innovative products, too! This is quite contrary to popular belief as most product entrepreneurs think chain stores don’t want to purchase products from small innovative companies. Not true! Now is the best time ever to sell to chain stores if you are a product innovator.

Anyhow, if you have a food product that’s perfect for airliners such as Virgin America, I highly recommended reaching out to them and letting them know about your product. Why not? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

To Your Success,

Karen Waksman

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Author: Karen Waksman

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