Best Buy Vendor

This webinar has ended! However, if you’d like to learn the EXACT steps on how to get your products into retailers such as Best Buy, please check out our Retail MBA Program!

Best Buy Vendor

Inside Look into Best Buy Stores: The ABC’s of Getting Your Products Sold at Retailers Such as Best Buy!

Do you have a product that you think would be perfect for retailers such as Best Buy Stores? If so, you will LOVE this new video training on Getting Your Product Sold at Best Buy!

In this exciting training, we discuss:

1) How the Buying Process Works at Best Buy
2) What Makes a Buyer More Inclined to Buy
3) Tips, Tricks and Strategies on How to Get a Buyer to Notice Your Product
4) Best Practices on Working with Distributors and Manufacturer’s Reps
5) Logistics and What You Need to Know to Ensure Success With Best Buy!

Who should watch this training?

Anyone who is interested in getting their products into retailers such as Best Buy stores!

What you will receive?

You will receive an hour long downloadable video training on Getting Your Product Sold at Best Buy Stores! You will receive immediate access to this training via email as soon as you purchase!

About the Presenters:

Karen Waksman, Founder and CEO of Retail MBA, is a Manufacturer’s Rep turned Author, Consultant and Speaker. She has sold millions of units of products to the world’s largest retailers and now dedicates her time to providing valuable information to anyone interested in learning what it takes to get their products on the shelves of big box retailers, online retailers, catalogs and small retailers, too!

Karen is also a 3x speaker at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) on the subject of selling to retailers!

Dana Madlem is Vice President of Business Development at Rush Order. Rush Order provides flexible order fulfillment, EDI, call center, and accounting services to the world’s fastest growing consumer product brands that sell to major retailers. Having fulfilled countless shipments to large retailers, Rush Order helps its clients navigate the complex world of logistics to help ensure a smooth ongoing relationship with retail buyers.

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What People Have Said About Karen Waksman’s Trainings:

“…Absolute Winner!”

…Her information is a must-have for entrepreneurs making, manufacturing and wanting to sell their new product or invention to retailers.  Karen’s snapshot of the retail matrix is an absolute winner! Definitely two thumbs up!

Stephen Paul Gnass, Executive Director, National Congress of Inventor Organizations

“…Has Given Me Insight and Courage”

Karen Waksman opened her training by stating, “I’m here to empower you” and did just that! In an hour and a half I was given the answers to questions I had been struggling with for six months! Her “keys to success” have given me the insight and courage to get my product on retailers’ shelves and start making the money I have always dreamed of!

—Sheila P. Barry, CEO, SC Creative Innovations, LLC

“…I Highly Recommend”

Karen provided an excellent training and was totally open when sharing her extensive knowledge. I highly recommend!!

-Martin Jacobs, Inventor

“…5 Stars”

Evaluations of the class by the students have been excellent. She’s received 5 Star Ratings from her students who specifically commented on Ms Waksman’s knowledge of the topic; her ability to explain the concepts clearly to entrepreneurs; and their impression of her being approachable. I am impressed by her ability to connect with an audience in a very sympathetic and straight-forward manner.”

-Gary Marshall,

“…Broadened My Horizons”

I thought Karen  Waksman’s training was incredibly insightful and actually broadened my horizons with a multitude of great ideas. Thank you very much!

-Ruharo, Entrepreneur

Want to contact us?

Karen Waksman

Founder and CEO, Retail MBA Brands


Phone: 1-855-Retail-2

Email: info (at)

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