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Amcon Distributing and Team Sledd

Amcon Distributing, through its subsidiaries, wholesales consumer products. They distribute beverages, candy and tobacco products, groceries, foodservice, paper products and health and beauty care items. Furthermore, Amcon operates retail health stores through Healthy Edge Retail Group.

Overall, 9 employees rate Amcon Distributing Company below average across multiple culture dimensions. Employees were most pleased with its Environment; however, compensation and perk-and-benefits could use improvement.

Wholesale Distribution

Amcon Distributing Company was established in 1981 as a wholesale distributor of consumer products. Their offerings include beverages, frozen and chilled products, groceries, candy/confectionery/sweets/confectionery items as well as paper products/health and beauty care items; tobacco; institutional food service items are also distributed via six wholesale distribution centers located across Florida and Midwest regions – their headquarters is in Omaha Nebraska.

Amcon Distributing Wholesale provides an expansive array of products for convenience stores, grocery stores, liquor stores, automotive stores, gift shops, smoke shop supplies and dispensaries. Their portfolio features top sellers as well as hard-to-find items and seasonal offerings; customers include both large businesses such as restaurants/bars/gift shops/convenience stores/specialty groceries.

This company holds an excellent presence across the Midwest region where they are the top provider for convenience stores; additionally they can also be found in Florida and Arizona where they rank second for this service. They pride themselves on quality products as well as outstanding customer care services.

AmCon Distributing has earned an estimated net promoter score (NPS) score of 14. This metric measures how likely customers are to recommend AmCon Distributing to others and is considered a key driver of long-term business success; AmCon’s NPS exceeds industry norms by an impressive margin.

Investors interested in Amcon Distributing can access PitchBook’s full profile for free. This report includes quantitative data regarding its financial performance, business model and technology as well as comparisons with peer and competitor companies. Furthermore, this comprehensive overview identifies key growth and risk factors facing Amcon Distributing.

Retail Health Food

Amcon Distributing Company and its subsidiaries wholesale and retail consumer products. Their product offerings include cigarettes and tobacco products, candy and confectionary, beverages, grocery items, paper products, automotive supplies and health and beauty care items; water/battery products sold under their private label line as well as water filtration. Their target customer demographic consists of retailers such as convenience stores and liquor stores as well as institutional clients such as schools, sports complexes, restaurants & bars – they operate 21 retail health food stores across Florida and the Midwest region of United States.

Retail Health Food provides natural, organic, and specialty foods including produce, baked goods, frozen foods, nutritional supplements, personal care items and general merchandise. The Company operates nineteen health and natural product retail stores under Chamberlin’s Market & Cafe, Akin’s Natural Foods Market and Earth Origins Market brands in Florida and Midwest respectively; additionally it distributes Hawaiian Natural brand spring water.

Their wholesale distribution business supplies an assortment of consumable and non-consumable products to convenience stores, discount and general merchandise stores, supermarkets, drug stores and gas stations. Furthermore, this division provides programs and services tailored specifically to its customers. Lastly, private label lines for water, battery products and candy products are offered as additional offerings by this business.

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Henry’s Foods

amcon distributing of Omaha, Nebraska is a wholesale distributor of consumer products. Offering services to convenience and grocery stores nationwide, amcon distributes items like coffee classics, bakery products, tacos, dairy products, dry groceries and seafood as well as health and beauty items and natural beverages through their Healthy Edge retail segment.

On December 7th 2022, AMCON agreed to acquire Henry’s Foods Inc from The Eidsvold Family for $55.0 million. Henry’s business and name will continue in the marketplace while operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of AMCON. Kellie Janssen will remain as President of Henry’s Foods after this transaction has taken place.

AMCON Distributing is a premier wholesale distributor of beverages, candy and tobacco products, groceries, automotive supplies and other products in Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska North Dakota South Dakota as well as Florida through their Healthy Edge Retail Group stores. They operate 19 retail health product locations through these distribution centers across both regions.

AMCON increased its total revenue to $330.7 million during the first quarter of 2023 from $230.4 million during the same period a year earlier due to Henry’s food acquisition and strong performance across its convenience store and grocery divisions. Furthermore, during this quarter AMCON also acquired Team Sledd assets — an international manufacturer of sleds and ski gear used for snow sports activities.

The company reported net income for the quarter at $75.2 million, or $0.59 per share, up from its prior-year period net income of $67.8 million and benefiting from equipment sales as well as an improved tax rate.

In 2023’s second quarter sales totaled $670.8 million, an increase from the year-ago figure of $689.9 million. Net income totaled $47.1 million or $0.32 per share versus the year-ago total of $19.4 million or $0.16 per share; total operating expenses had decreased by about $19.3 million over that timeframe.

Team Sledd

Team Sledd of Wheeling, West Virginia serves 1,200 convenience store retailers in seven Mid-Atlantic states annually with annual revenues exceeding $600 million. Their state-of-the-art 200,000 square foot warehouse and Convenience Learning Center is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. Robert Sincavich and Randy Emanuelson will retain majority interests and lead as president and vice president respectively while their current employees also remain.

Team Sledd will bring two leading distributors of consumer products for convenience store industry together into one powerful entity, creating a more diverse and comprehensive customer base for both companies, while opening up opportunities for growth within this channel. It is anticipated that this transaction should close within 60 days, subject to customary representations and warranties as well as any conditions.

The transaction will be funded with both cash and stock. AMCON anticipates realizing significant operational savings from this acquisition, particularly related to freight and logistics expenses, which should immediately accretive to earnings per share. Furthermore, AMCON plans on using Team Sledd as an accelerator of growth both for itself and Team Sledd, in line with AMCON’s strategy of targeting high-growth segments of the convenience store industry and strengthening competitive advantages by expanding geographical reach while offering more services to its customers and developing innovative retail branding and marketing concepts.

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