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The Most Advanced Retail Training System Available
Retail MBA Training System

Year-Long Retail MBA Training & Coaching System - NEW and Updated!

This System Has Made Our Clients Millions of Dollars Over the Years!

Receive a Step-by-Step Proven Formula on EXACTLY how to approach, pitch and sell to retail chain store buyers. No sales experience, buyer relationship or patents required! This program explains how to prepare your product for chain store success – packaging, pricing, logistics, how to talk to buyers, what to say to them to get them to buy, etc! Taught by Retail Expert Karen Waksman.

This information and complete coaching system has helped our clients get into the World’s Largest Retail chains in a fraction of the time and cost!  It’s Our #1 Best Selling Program!  Just click on the link below to explore our Retail MBA Ultimate Retail System!

Get Your Product into Retail Stores 

4 Week Challenge!

Get Your Products into Retail Stores in a Fraction of the Time & Cost.  Join Us at Our Next 4 Week Retail Challenge! Click Here to Learn More! These 4 week intensives are INTENSE! You will need to remember this when signing up. We have weekly homework assignments, and lots of suggestions to prepare your product in a four-week time frame! Not everyone loves intensives, but if you do, this is an epic 4 week challenge! Join us! And tell your friends! Click Here to Get Started