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"How to Sell Your Products to Big Box Retail Chains"

No Sales Experience, Buyer Relationships or Patents Required!

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Retail MBA Advanced Year Long Retail Training System and Coaching System

Receive a Step-by-Step Proven Formula on EXACTLY how to approach, pitch and sell to retail chain store buyers. No sales experience, buyer relationship or patents required! This program explains how to prepare your product for chain store success as well – packaging, pricing, logistics and more! Taught by Retail Expert Karen Waksman. This information and complete coaching system has helped our clients get into the World’s Largest Retail chains in a fraction of the time and cost!  It’s Our #1 Best Selling Program! 

Check out this FREE Retail Workshop to Get Started with our POWERFUL Retail System! No Experience Required! 

Want a Retail PHD and Beyond?

Retail PHD takes you beyond JUST Selling into Retail Chains. And provides you the know-how for all avenues of generating revenue with your physical product! Because all revenue streams listed below ultimately support you with retail sales! Check out these bonus training and buyer and industry contact lists and systems so you can go well beyond selling into big box retail chains and increase your revenue exponentially along the way! 

You can receive access to one system listed below or receive access to all of them with our Retail PHD program. 
1) How to Sell Your Products to HSN/QVC – With Lead Lists! 
2) How to Sell Your Products to Corporations and Companies…No Experience Necessary!
3) How to License (or “Rent”) Your Product or Product Ideas to Big Manufacturers! 
4) How to Sell Your Products to Groupon Goods – With Lead Lists
5) How to Sell Your Products Internationally and Export For More Revenue! 
6) How to Sell Your Products Through Top Independent Sales Rep Agencies! – With Rep Lists!
7) How to Sell Your Products to Massive eCommerce Websites – With Lead Lists!
8) How Break into the US Retail Market if You Live Overseas or How to Sell Overseas to U.S. Based Retail Chains!
9) How to Rank Your Website on the First Page of Google – for eCommerce Brands!
10) Marketing and Branding to Scale Your eCommerce and Retail Sales!
11) How to Sell Your Products to Smaller Retailers and Local Retail Establishments!
12) How to Start Your Own Distribution Business for Fun and Profit!