“Karen Waksman opened her seminar by stating, “I’m here to empower you” and did just that! In an hour and a half I was given the answers to questions I had been struggling with for six months! Her “keys to success” have given me the insight and courage to get my product on retailers’ shelves and start making the money I have always dreamed of!”

-Sheila P. Berry, Creative Innovations, LLC

“Crossing the chasm from online sales into the retail market can be a perilous and confusing process. Karen provided insightful, concrete advice that I was able to immediately implement with my own product. Just a few weeks after meeting with Karen I’m now in discussion with some of the largest retailers in the country and was quickly able to secure several substantial retail contracts. I wholly recommend Karen to any serious Entrepreneur trying to bring their product into the retail sector.”

-Ari Akerstein, Inventor

I have taken dozens of classes and seminars – all in an effort to grow my business. Karen Waksman’s talk on “How To Sell Your Product, Invention or Craft To Major Retailers” was among the most exciting and inspirational. Anyone with a better “mousetrap” and a dream would do well to listen to her. Getting your product on a store shelf may not be as hard as you think.

-Art Amor, Amor Imports

“Karen Waksman has presented several seminars on dealing with Major Retailers for small businesses here at the Small Business Administration in San Francisco. Evaluations of the class by the students have been excellent. She’s received 5 Star Ratings from her students who specifically commented on Ms Waksman’s knowledge of the topic; her ability to explain the concepts clearly to entrepreneurs; and their impression of her being approachable. I am impressed by her ability to connect with an audience in a very sympathetic and straight-forward manner.”

-Gary Marshall, www.sba.org

“If I had to describe Karen Waksman’s information in one word it would be Revolutionary! Karen takes you through the complicated and bewildering world of getting a product into the big chains and breaks it downs in a way to make it seem like child’s play. If you go through normal channels to get your product into the big stores, the odds are probably better than 99% that your project will be a dismal failure.

Karen’s easy to read, friendly style gives you the confidence to go about selling your product the right way. What she has done is nothing short of the cracking of the DaVinci code of the retail marketing world. I’m not big on testimonials, but I had to write one for this book; I can’t wait to apply the principles and strategies outlined in this ground breaking revelation.”

-Gary Jones, Entrepreneur

“I had the opportunity to hear Karen Waksman speak at a short introduction class. If you have any kind of product you intend to sell to a lot of people, YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT KAREN WAKSMAN! It’s that simple….the information she passes on is incredibly important and valuable to any business starter who wants to know how to sell his products to retailers. She has all the insiders information you’ll need to know to make it happen….and it is a lot easier than you think. I would highly recommend listening to her at a lecture…..buying her information….reading her material on the web…or any other way you can expose yourself to the information she shares…DO IT!…it’s priceless!”

-Gabriel Dan, IDSA.org

“As an entrepreneur and inventor approaching major retailers for the first time, I found the expertise and resources Karen Waksman’s information provided to be the perfect fit for our company’s needs. A good business needs a plan; a business plan to get started and keep things on track, a marketing plan to focus your efforts and drive response, and a key resource we had been missing, a distribution plan for entering retail channels and placing our product. We had been missing it simply because we did not know where to begin. This area was not the expertise of our existing management team. I recommend Product for Profit serve as the preface to the formation of anyone’s retail distribution plan – take the step and bring the retail expertise you need into your management team now. Karen’s book will give you the experience, tips, and resources it would take years to build and she teaches you exactly how to apply the steps to your product. This is the best first step On The Ball Fitness, LLC could have taken toward the success of launching our products in retail stores. Thanks again Karen.”

-Nicholas Fares, Owner On The Ball Fitness, LLC

“As a budding entrepreneur knowing where start can be quite daunting, Karen’s information is comprehensive yet easy to understand and has guided me with invaluable resources.”

-Luke Bishop, Entrepreneur

“I highly recommend Karen Waksman for your business needs. I have worked with Karen to develop the packaging for my new product. She was very upfront with her suggestions and provided me the feedback that I needed to go to print. I found Karen to be extremely knowledgeable and professional.”

-Vicky Reinke, Owner – Final Touch by Design

“Product For Profit is full of practical and effective real-world selling strategies that you can put to use right away. Very well-organized and easy to follow. I highly recommend this information!”

-Ray Tom, President Winning Goal Products, LLC

“The information in Karen’s course is really powerful! I’ve been searching for something like this for 2 or 3 years. Karen’s database of retail chains gave me markets I hadn’t considered and made me aware of just how enormous the chains are. As soon as I learned Karen’s “secret” I started making progress with our products; and realized why my previous attempts were all wrong. With this knowledge I now see product possibilities I had never considered. It’s exciting!”

-Larry Seaman, www.streammaps.com

“Thank you for speaking to Inventors Alliance on Saturday. You did an amazing job! Many attendees told me that they thought your talk was was very informative. They said things like, “ wow, she was great, where did you find her” and “this has been a very informative meeting, Karen was fantastic”. Thanks again you for taking the time to teach independent inventors how to sell their ideas. Your welcome back anytime!”

-Andrew Krauss, President, Inventors Alliance: Educating Inventors Since 1993

“Karen has delivered what she says. Her formula she spells out in this book is simple, straight forward and smart. With almost a decade of experience behind her, she has outlined a plan that makes sense. I highly recommend her information. The cost of this information is a drop in the bucket compared to what you will walk away with.”

-Jeff Freed, www.alwaysinventing.com

“Karen’s presentation on Product for Profit impressed me so much, I now consider myself one of her biggest fans! In a short two-hour talk, she gave us tons of practical do’s and don’ts on how to sell our products and inventions to huge retail chains. I never in my life thought I would endeavor to do such a thing this early on in my business, especially since developing products is still very new to me. But now I am incredibly inspired, and after reading her book I know I’ll feel prepared enough to jump right in and join the big shots!”

-Kristin Rose, PhD, Founder, Rose Edge LLC www.roseedge.com

“Karen is a wonder to listen to. Her informative style and enthusiasm was a sheer delight to be a part of… The information she supplied saved me time, money and confusion.. I applied just one of her suggestions and had a new idea of how my product would fit on the shelf in a large retail chain. Thanks Karen! Your information is priceless.”

-Pat Horacek, CEO of Cypress Sports Applications.

“After attending Karen Waksman’s seminar, I was able to immediately use the information she presented to help “get my foot in the door” with several purchasing agents… great info!”

-Dave Bakke, Co-Inventor, Global Span Products

“Thank you on behalf of the entire Sacramento Chapter of the Inventor’s Alliance. Your presentation was informative and gave us a wealth of information. In fact, Steve Goldstein who is a Veteran Inventor said that you inspired him so much that he is now going to approach the big box stores! Hopefully, you will return to our group once a year. We know that the market is always evolving and we need to keep up.”

-Ed Silva, Inventor’s Alliance Sacramento Chapter

“Karen and her Product for Profit information are an invaluable resource for any entrepreneur trying to get their product into the retail world. They offer a wealth of great strategies, tips and other information on the entire process of getting a product sold through any and all retail channels.  Highly recommended to all entrepreneurs!”

-Brian Krieger, www.minnalife.com

“Karen is a force of nature; her insight, experience, enthusiasm and knowledge of the field are invaluable to anyone contemplating selling their product through major retailers.  I learned more from one of her one hour presentations than through many days of my own research and self-study.”

-Chuck Lamprey, Entrepreneur

“Karen’s course was great!  I didn’t have any idea how to market my product, but after studying her information, I now have all the tools I need.”

-Amy Puls, Ideas By Amy, LLC