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Getting Products Reviewed When Dealing With a Southeastern Grocers Vendor

Southeastern Grocers, parent of Fresco y Mas, Harveys Supermarket and Winn-Dixie stores, is hosting an online Local & Diverse Supplier Connect event to collaborate with underrepresented suppliers and increase the variety of locally relevant and diverse products in stores. They are working alongside ECRM and RangeMe in this effort by sourcing, qualifying and matching suppliers with buyers.

Getting a pitch from a senior official

Reaching out to senior officials is the key to selling your products successfully, so gaining their attention will help. Make your products top quality with unique packaging or design to capture their interest; promote them locally via publications as another method.

Southeastern Grocers (SEG), is a conventional supermarket company operating over 500 stores across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi North Carolina and South Carolina under Fresco y Mas, Harveys Supermarket and Winn-Dixie banners. Southeastern Grocers is dedicated to supporting their customers, communities and employees and has pledged a greater range of inclusive partners within their supply chain. They partner with nonprofit organizations and sponsor programs like Romay Davis Belonging Inclusion Diversity Grant Program; additionally Southeastern has also created their own foundation called SEG Gives.

Southeastern Grocers will host its third virtual Local Supplier Connect event this spring in partnership with ECRM and RangeMe. Participants can engage with buyers and category managers from SEG to share company background, product information and marketing plans with buyers and category managers of the organization. SEG hopes that this initiative will further its ongoing mission to foster meaningful change across its organization, suppliers, associates and communities.

Southeastern Grocers sees its own brand as an integral component of its overall product strategy, enabling them to provide customers with high-quality yet value-driven items. Southeastern is eager to collaborate with existing suppliers as well as cultivate relationships with new ones in order to expand its own brands and meet customer demands better.

Getting products from local sources

Southeastern Grocers, the parent company of Fresco y Mas, Harveys Supermarket and Winn-Dixie grocery stores, recently introduced a program to foster relationships with local suppliers in five states across its footprint. Companies from these regions can showcase their products for consideration to be featured within Southeastern Grocers stores – building both support for communities while building trust among customers through this initiative.

This program also helps you select a supplier based on price range and product quality, both of which play an essential role in shaping the reputation of your business. Furthermore, you should research their background to see whether there have been any past issues; finally check whether their customer service has been reliable; this can attract new customers while increasing sales.

Ordering products from local sources can save both money and time on delivery costs. A great way to find out about a supplier’s reputation is through reading online reviews; as well as trying out their products in person to see if they meet high quality standards; otherwise look elsewhere for alternative suppliers.

Southeastern Grocers has been one of the nation’s largest conventional supermarket companies for nearly 100 years and continues to serve loyal customers with pride and devotion. Their well-known regional brands have long histories, strong neighborhood ties, impressive giving histories and skilled and compassionate associates that strive to deliver outstanding quality and value to each of their valued clients.

Southeastern Grocers strives to promote diversity and inclusion throughout its workforce and beyond, through programs like its Romay Davis Belonging, Inclusion and Diversity Grant program, which supports nonprofit organizations that serve minority communities. Last year alone, this grant awarded over $170,000 for diverse groups throughout Southeast.

Southeastern Grocers will host an online Local and Diverse Supplier Connect event to collaborate with underrepresented suppliers. Held in partnership with ECRM and RangeMe, participants will have an opportunity to present themselves and their product information directly to SEG buyers.

Getting products verified

Verification is an integral component of supply chains. Manufacturers use it to demonstrate that their products are trustworthy and safe for purchase, while grocery chains utilize it to find suppliers who meet their needs. Marketplaces like RangeMe which connect local and emerging brands with retailers have seen an uptick in client interest seeking verification; for instance, Bravado Spice’s business tripled after being featured as a RangeMe Verified brand largely due to consumer popularity as well as availability in multiple regional retailers.

Southeastern Grocers (SEG) is taking its commitment to community a step further by teaming up with local and diverse vendors. Fresco y Mas, Harveys Supermarket and Winn-Dixie grocery stores will host an online Local & Diverse Supplier Connect event this November that allows SEG to collaborate with underrepresented suppliers while expanding the selection of locally relevant and diverse products in stores.

Fresco y Mas and Harveys Supermarket stores across Florida will soon introduce Know & Love as part of its private label portfolio, making its private label offering more accessible for customers with dietary restrictions and visually appealing packaging design that follows clean label principles. Eventually it will encompass over 1,000 items. Fresco y Mas and Harveys Supermarket stores in Florida will roll-out Know & Love over time until 2024 and eventually include over 1000 products that fall into these categories; including dairy, produce, ready-made foods beverages and household goods. Packaging will feature color coding to make its introduction seamless to allow shoppers quickly.

Southeastern Grocers strives to bring its customers a selection of local and community-oriented products at great value, connecting with them through relationships built on providing fresh food, household staples and personal care items with 20% lower everyday prices than national brands. In addition to traditional retail offerings such as Winn-Dixie stores or Harveys stores, Southeastern Grocers now provides online shopping, delivery or curbside pickup in certain locations.

SEG is one of the nation’s premier conventional supermarket companies, operating across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. Their omnichannel operations include brick-and-mortar grocery stores, liquor stores, in-store pharmacies and convenience stores as well as an in-house grocery delivery service, foodservice division and distribution center – making their services truly one-stop shops!

Getting products reviewed

Reviewing products when dealing with Southeastern Grocers vendors is an excellent way to get them seen by potential buyers. The process is straightforward: your product will be assigned a category buyer who will review and give feedback; once approved, it will be displayed in their stores; additionally if accepted into their catalog it may also be distributed throughout the nation.

Southeastern Grocers, which operates Fresco y Mas, Harveys Supermarket and Winn-Dixie stores across five Southeast states, recently introduced an own-brand assortment of “clean products.” Their Know & Love private label line contains no more than 90 ingredients free from color additives, partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, providing consumers with products that meet their diet-centric needs at lower costs than national brands.

Southeastern Grocers own brand line offers a diverse selection of frozen chicken and pork products as well as bread, milk, eggs, sugar, water, shortening and oil, salty snacks and toilet tissue made with minimal ingredients for maximum perceived value. Sales of own brand products over national ones have seen significant increases, particularly cheese products, frozen potatoes water and salty snacks.

Southeastern Grocers is taking steps to enhance its sustainability initiatives in addition to its own brand lineup. The retailer has an impressive history of supporting diverse suppliers, and this year plans to increase support further still. Southeastern Grocers recently joined forces with ECRM and RangeMe for a virtual sourcing conference, giving minority-owned businesses an opportunity to connect with buyers and sellers at Southeastern Grocers; additionally ReposiTrak will leverage its MarketPlace platform so suppliers can create profiles for themselves while sharing products with retailers.

Southeastern Grocers invests both in its communities and employees through the SEG Gives Foundation, its charity arm. Since 2007, this Foundation has donated grants and donations totalling more than 12 million meals in an effort to alleviate hunger and homelessness.

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Southeastern Grocers Vendor

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Southeastern Grocers Vendor