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Selling on RangeMe

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Do you have a product perfect for retail stores and wanted to know more about selling on RangeMe?

Selling your products on RangeMe presents an opportunity for consumer product brands to showcase their offerings to buyers. RangeMe is a platform that empowers brands to showcase their products and receive feedback from chain store buyers! As someone with close to 20+ of experience selling products to retailers, I have some considerations when it comes to utilizing RangeMe. In this short video training, I will share my thoughts on RangeMe and offer tips for maximizing success on this platform!

The Evolution of Engaging with Buyers

In the stages of my career, reaching out directly to buyers was a part of business operations since there were no streamlined vendor websites or standardized forms readily available, for use.
If you didn’t have any connections, in the buyer world, it used to be challenging to make any headway.. Things have changed now. Retailers have embraced the era with their websites that include vendor links and product submission forms. They’ve got an army of buyers each focusing on product categories.

The Challenge of Submitting Products via Vendor Websites

I quickly learned to steer clear of the “cloud” of vendor websites when it came to submitting products. What I mean is filling out forms. Crossing my fingers for a response from a buyer who might or might not be interested in what I’m offering. Personally I prefer having control over the selling process and being able to present the features of my product directly to the buyer. When you submit your product on a vendor website you are one among competitors vying for attention.

Comparing RangeMe with Vendor Portals

Now lets talk about RangeMe. While RangeMe is a platform for showcasing your products and gaining exposure it functions similarly to a typical vendor portal. Essentially you’re still putting your product there on a website. Hoping for some return on investment from potential buyers. However speaking from my experience I haven’t seen any returns from submitting my product solely through websites, like these.
I personally believe in adopting a approach to connect with potential buyers.

The Significance of Setting Yourself from Competitors

One issue, with platforms like RangeMe is that all your competitors are also showcasing their products there. To effectively sell your product to chain stores it’s crucial to differentiate yourself from the competition. This is where techniques employed by manufacturers representatives come into play. They identify the buyers for their product category craft compelling pitches and actively pursue retailers. They don’t solely rely on submitting their products to websites and hoping for a response. Instead they take an approach to ensure that their products catch the attention of buyers.

Exploring Strategies for Selling Your Products

While I don’t discourage posting your products on RangeMe I believe it should be one aspect of your overall strategy. If you’re genuinely committed to your businesses success it’s essential to explore avenues for engaging with buyers. For instance attending trade shows and proactively reaching out to buyers beforehand can significantly enhance your chances of success. By informing buyers about your presence at an event you can generate interest. Solidify potential opportunities.

The Importance of Establishing Relationships with Retailers

Establishing relationships with retailers is vital, for thriving in the industry.

While some retailers may require you to use platforms, like RangeMe or submit your product through their website there are still ways to establish contact with them. For example reaching out to them directly and generating interest before filling out any forms can be an approach. This method allows you to stand out from competitors and improve your chances of grabbing their attention.

Consider the selling approach offered by Retail MBA

At Retail MBA we provide an approach to selling products to retailers. We offer strategies that help you bypass the competition typically found on platforms like RangeMe. Our focus is on delivering consulting and an all inclusive program designed to ensure your success in the retail industry. We have our high end platform where we collaborate with retailers for product reviews. If you’re interested in learning more about our approach feel free to sign up for our newsletters or attend our events.

Getting Started

While RangeMe can serve as a tool, for consumer product brands aiming to showcase their products to buyers it should not be solely relied upon as the only strategy. To maximize your chances of success consider adopting a approach that allows you to personally connect with buyers and effectively differentiate yourself from competitors.
To improve your chances of getting your products in front of the buyers it’s crucial to establish relationships, with retailers and employ strategies commonly used by manufacturers representatives. While RangeMe provides advantages it’s essential to explore approaches and gain a deeper understanding of advanced tactics for direct buyer engagement. By doing you can enhance your likelihood of success. Avoid relying solely on submitting products to websites and hoping for a response.

Remember, the retail industry is highly competitive making it crucial to stand out from competitors. Invest time in learning language usage presenting your product convincingly and adopting the methods for approaching buyers. By setting yourself and taking an approach you can increase visibility and generate opportunities for revenue.

In summary while RangeMe serves as a platform, for showcasing products it should not be treated as the strategy to rely on. Consider exploring avenues like attending trade shows reaching out directly to buyers and acquiring knowledge on selling techniques. By diversifying your approach in this manner you can optimize success rates. Improve the likelihood of getting your products noticed by the buyers.

Selling on Rangeme
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Outline of "Selling on RangeMe - What You Need to Know!" Transcript:

The market is fiercely competitive nowadays, making online platforms indispensable for product distribution. Among the popular websites that have emerged lately in this regard is RangeMe. It offers a platform where consumer product brands can display their merchandise and find potential buyers. As a seasoned retailer and founder of Retail MBA, I often get asked about the efficacy of RangeMe to boost sales. In this article, I will impart my unbiased review of the website; highlighting its advantages and disadvantages while also presenting alternative approaches that sellers can adopt when reaching out to buyers directly.

Before delving into the specifics of RangeMe, it’s crucial to understand how important it is to interact directly with buyers when selling products successfully. My experience as a manufacturer’s representative in the early 2000s helped polish my skills in approaching and pitching to buyers directly paving the way years later for me to create strategies that anyone without sales experience or buyer relationships could implement successfully too – principles which I teach through my training programs.
My introduction into retail dates back over twelve years ago after discovering an excellent formula for store placement success- by understanding how communicating effectively with several buyers would mean selling millions of various product categories across various industries consistently successful. Notably among smaller companies that were eager but unable to break into retail markets back then- so I created Retail MBA; it teaches entrepreneurs how they can elevate their unique products onto store shelves.

In previous times reaching out directly was necessary; however technology has allowed retailers through vendor websites like RangeMe even more luxury in an organized approach wherein sellers must fill forms with detailed information before submitting them online easily streamlined now via these sites. Good communication skills are still vital today since anonymously being unable to guide who views your merchandise or if those individuals are capable of making purchasing decisions still pose some challenges for sellers but have reduced sharply recently with RangeMe’s advent. RangeMe is a platform designed for product listings, similar to traditional vendor websites. It is meant for sellers to submit their products to potential buyers.

Although RangeMe has formed partnerships with several retailers and boasts a good track record. There remains debate on its effectiveness as a standalone platform. While many sellers believe it will generate a significant return on investment. My personal experience suggests otherwise. When sellers list their products on RangeMe or similar platforms they often become generic entries among many competitors making differentiation challenging. To have the best chance of success in selling to chain stores.

Its’ crucial to explore multiple strategies, such as contacting manufacturers’ representatives who can identify the appropriate buyers for your specific product and tailor their pitches accordingly. While RangeMe can be useful in showcasing your products. It shouldn’t be the sole focus of your sales strategy; instead. Use it as one component among several strategies such as attending trade shows or contacting the appropriate buyers directly before submitting them through platforms like RangeMe.

Alternative strategies for success could involve bypassing retail requirements like those set by Whole Foods by contacting the relevant buyers without involvement from any such platforms.

Before sealing deals, connecting with buyers beforehand and completing necessary forms paves the way for more efficient paths for sellers to secure agreements. These alternative methods alongside comprehensive retail consulting services offered through companies like Retail MBA offer more effective strategies for building strong links between retailers. Although RangeMe has transformed product reviews among buyers while partnering up with retailers commendably well- Sellers striving for maximum success must consider varied strategies that set them apart from competition-listing products on RangeMe may definitely help but shouldn’t be the sole approach adopted.Sellers can improve their chances of achieving their sales objectives by taking inspiration from how manufacturer’s representatives approach businesses directly as preperation before approaching buyers.Driving business prosperity involves exploring avenues beyond primary approaches; creativity,is key in this industry’s adaptability to thrive.To this end, can provide such insights via newsletters,event updates &free resources available.Successful entrepreneurs understand that complementing different growth ways boost revenue opportunities while forging good ties with clients via staying abreast&commited to success.

Selling on Rangeme
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