Retail MBA’s NEW Call Center Program

**Want Our Retail MBA Team to Reach Out to Your Top Dream Retail Chains on Your Behalf Over the Next 30 Days? So You Can Start Going After Retail Chain Stores NOW? 

If so, our Retail MBA Call Center Program will be perfect for you!! **

About This Program: Karen Waksman (Founder of Retail MBA) and her call center team will reach out to your top dream retail chains on your behalf over the next 30 days (or longer)! Karen has over 20 years of sales experience and has taught 10,000+ product companies across the globe how to sell to chain stores! She will support you in actualizing your dreams of getting into the world’s largest retailers by utilizing her time-tested proven retail strategies with a team of call specialists who have all been trained with her advanced sales methods as well!

What's Included in this Retail MBA Call Center Program?

  1. We Contact Buyers For You – Karen Waksman and her Call Center Team will reach out to the top retail chains on your behalf! They will use Karen’s time-tested proven sales methodology to get answers from retail chains for YOU! Her team will work closely with Karen to ensure the best possible results – we are here to support you with retail chains! 
  2. Sell Sheet Training / Review – Karen and her team will guide you on how to create an EPIC sell sheet (one page marketing collateral) for retail chains. You will be able to use this sell sheet moving forward in your business! This sell sheet is a POWERFUL tool for you and the structure of it has been time-tested as well! 
  3. Buyer Contact List – Karen and her team will find the buyer contacts information for you – and will contact more than one buyer at a retailer if it makes sense for your product type. All clients will receive the buyer contacts once the program ends!
  4. Create a Pitch For You – Karen Waksman will personally create a perfect retail pitch for buyers that you can use even after the program! The words you use in a pitch can mean the difference between you making millions of dollars or not. Let Karen help you! You will receive this pitch after the program ends!
  5. Reporting – You will receive a basic report outlining exactly what transpired with the retail buyers as Karen and her team reaches out to them on your behalf. If you get feedback on your product – we will share with you immediately as well!
  6. Buyer Relationships – If a chain store buyer shows interest in your product, Karen will hand the account back over to you and your team. You get to keep the buyer relationships! This is HUGE! We will make an email intro and you will start the communication with the buyer right away if there is interest. We want you to win!
  7. Commission FREE – We do not take a commission for any units sold. This is unheard of in the retail industry! Our goal is to just help you move along with retailers. That’s it! 
  8. Bonus Coaching Session – If /when you get a buyer interested in your product through this program, we will hand the account over to you and will provide additional basic training to ensure you take over the account appropriately! If you feel you need additional support we can schedule a one-on-one coaching call with Karen Waksman for an additional fee to answer extensive and detailed questions. We will make sure to discuss options prior to launching this program with you – no hidden fees ever!

Cost For This Program?

Cost is ONLY $1997 for the First Retailer and $997 for Any Additional Retailer we reach out to on your behalf! Please note that this program is in Beta and we are keeping prices low for the first 15 people who sign up for this program. No Commission Fees Necessary!

Program includes us reaching out to retailers on your behalf, buyer contact list, sell sheet training and review, retail pitch and commission free services. Wow!

**If you want us to contact more than 5 retailers on your behalf, cost will increase to $1497 per retailer (after the first 5) as this takes up additional bandwidth for our team. So cost will be $1997 for the first retailer + $997×4 retailers + $1497 for Each Additional Retailer we reach out to on your behalf.  We can also reach out to retailers for 90 days (instead of 30 days).**

If/ when you are approved for this program – we will discuss these price options in advance – no hidden fees ever with this program!

What Are The Prerequisites to Join This Program?

This Program is For Companies Who Are Ready TODAY to Sell to Retail Chains

You Will Need…

A Product READY to Sell to Retail Chains Today!! This includes…Packaging, Pricing, Shipping, Manufacturing, Funding Figured Out Prior to Joining This Program. You will only be chosen for this program if we feel that you are truly ready to sell to retail chains today – an application process will be vetting out your products.

We cannot help you sell products that aren’t retail-ready! 

 You will also need a GRAPHIC DESIGNER that can follow simple instructions and create a one page sell sheet (explaining what your product is and does) within 30 days of signing up to this program! This sell sheet must be prepared according to our standards or we will not reach out to retail chains on your behalf. No exceptions.  Please have professional photos of your product and packaging. We cannot sell your product if it doesn’t look professional! 

**If you do not have a graphic designer – Retail MBA has an in-house team that can create sell sheets for you for a cost of $997!  We can also create professional photos as well of your product if necessary (photography package will cost extra). Up to you!**

Additional Information About This Program

How to Apply NOW!

Click on the Button Below to Fill Out an Application! We Only Have 15 Slots Available!

**Client understands that there are NO GUARANTEES that product will sell in stores with this Done-For-You Service! And that there are NO REFUNDS!**

However, Customers will receive the list of retailers and buyers we reached out to on their behalf, the actual pitch we used to go after stores, the feedback from the chain stores And some personalized coaching with Karen Waksman, Founder of Retail MBA!**