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“Crossing the chasm from online sales into the retail market can be a perilous and confusing process. Karen provided insightful, concrete advice that I was able to immediately implement with my own product. Just a few weeks after reviewing her information,  I’m now in discussion with some of the largest retailers in the country and was quickly able to secure several substantial retail contracts. I wholly recommend Karen to any serious Entrepreneur trying to bring their product into the retail sector.” ~ Ari Akerstein, Akrowheel
Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?
 You have a great product that you think would be perfect for Specialty Retailers, Department Stores, Discounters, Home Centers, Drug Stores, Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, Apparel Stores, Home and Hardware Stores, Catalogs, Online Retailers or any other retailer but you want to make sure you approach them the right way
 You want more buyer meetings and purchase orders and you want them now
 You want to know exactly what to say to retail buyers to get them to buy
 You’re about to go to a meeting with a retail buyer and you want to ensure that you ‘wow’ that buyer during the buyer meeting and ultimately get that purchase order
 You have a garage full of product and you are panicked about how you are going to recoup all of those costs quickly
 Retail buyers are rejecting you and you want to know how to combat these rejections so you can start generating real revenue with your product
 You don’t know how to approach retailer buyers at all because you’ve never sold anything before in your life
 You’ve created packaging but you’re not sure if you did it right
 You’ve been selling to retailers for a while but you want to start going after bigger retail chains and make more money
 Your Manufacturer’s Reps are NOT generating the revenue that you know you should be getting and you’re tired of waiting
 You’re wondering if your pricing is on point for retailers
 You are sick of questioning yourself as to whether you are on the right track with your strategy for your product business
 You have no clue as to how to generate revenue with your product but you know that you need to do something because it cost you a fortune to actually bring your product to market
 You want direct access to a Retail Sales Expert who has sold millions of units to retailers to walk you through the entire process of getting a product into a chain store so that you can finally generate the revenue that you know you deserve
…then you’ve come to the right place!
Retail MBA Is the most comprehensive training program available today on how to get your products on the shelves of chain store retailers.

Retail MBA was developed by Retail Sales Expert Karen Waksman. Karen sold millions of units to the world’s largest retailers. During this time she developed a time-tested proven sales formula that helped her get products into chain stores in various categories.  

Since then, Karen has taught her sales formula to 10,000+ product companies across the country on the subject of selling to chain stores at places such as the US Patent Office, Stanford University, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and more!!

At this point you are probably asking yourself….“I’m not a sales person. Can I really get my own products on the shelves of the world’s largest retailers??”

Just check out Chuck’s story, he had questions about how to get his new product on the shelves of retailers…He was wondering…How do I get in contact with a buyer?  What do I say when I get a meeting?  What will they expect of me? I’m not a sales person at all, can I really get my products into retailers?

After investing in the Retail MBA program, Chuck followed the Step-by-Step process and got his product into a 1,000 store chain in less than 2 WEEKS!!!  

Look what Retail MBA did for Chuck!

Here’s another example…

Wei-Shin Lai, MD, is the CEO of AcousticSheep and she used Retail MBA 

to get her products into a chain store within a FEW MONTHS!

Following the Retail MBA system works!

Watch her story below….

Retail MBA is a Multi-Media Training System designed to help you breakdown what you need to know about getting your products sold at major retail outlets.

 If you have a great product that you think would be perfect for Specialty Retailers, Department Stores, Discounters, Home Centers, Drug Stores, Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, Apparel Stores, Home and Hardware Stores or whatever it is for you, then our step-by-step blueprint, our training programs, can show you EXACTLY how to get started today! 

“If I had to describe Karen Waksman’s information in one word it would be Revolutionary! Karen takes you through the complicated and bewildering world of getting a product into the big chains and breaks it downs in a way to make it seem like child’s play. What she has done is nothing short of the cracking of the DaVinci code of the retail marketing world. I’m not big on testimonials, but I had to write one for this information I can’t wait to apply the principles and strategies outlined in this ground breaking revelation.” – Gary Jones, Product Entrepreneur