How to Market Your Product to Stores

Everyone always asks me how to market your product to stores. It’s a common question that comes up all of the time in my workshops and classes.

That is why I’ve asked Industry Expert Greg Mondshein of the Max Borges Agency to answer some key questions related to marketing and publicizing your product for retail!

Greg specializes in new product marketing and publicity, so I thought he’d be the perfect person to answer the following questions:

  • I am a new product company…any cost effective tips for building my brand?
  • My new product is about to hit stores…what are some strategies or best practices for driving traffic to those stores.
  • Any social media tactics that that you can suggest to help me sell more products?
  • I am a small business owner, so I’m nervous about costs to hire a company to do marketing and PR for me. What’s the range in cost for hiring an outside firm to help me?
  • When’s the best time to work with an agency verses doing the work myself?

If you’d like to hear this short but interesting interview, click here:


Hope you enjoy!

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Karen Waksman

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