Would you like Karen Waksman to help you create an effective retail distribution plan for your product business? 

Creating the right distribution plan for your product type is critical to your success. It can be the difference between you making money now or several years from now! If you want financial success with your product, you must ensure that you are only focusing your time and effort on retailers that will provide you the biggest ROI!

That’s where Karen Waksman can help –  Karen has sold millions of units of products to the worlds largest retailers and has over 20 years of sales experience! She can help you create an effective retail distribution plan for your product business that yields results.

In other words, Karen will help you hone in on the best money-making retail opportunities for you based on your product type and category! She will review your product and help you develop the ideal list of retailers to focus your efforts on.

Just inquire about our one-on-one bootcamp coaching program! You can contact us at karen@retailmba.com. Or call us at 415-404-9540.

Please note that creating a distribution plan doesn’t necessarily mean just selling to retailers. What if you were curious about other distribution opportunities as well? For instance, what if you’ve dreamed of selling your products to Catalogs, or on TV or to Big Corporations? Most product companies aren’t even aware of all of the opportunities available to them.

Karen will review your product and discuss all of the ideal distribution channels for your product as well!

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